Prose: forthcoming | West Branch "Carpet"


Prose: Spring 2021 | The New Quarterly "Paper Umbrellas" 

Online article: Spring 2021 | The New Quarterly "What is Alison Braid Reading?"

Poetry: Summer 2020 | Arc Poetry Magazine "Desire Lines"

Chapbook: Spring 2020 | Anstruther Press, Little Hunches

Poetry: Winter 2019 | Poetry Is Dead "Oligotrophic Lake"


Poetry: Summer 2019 | CV2 print + online "Letter to Hannah from Vršovice"


Poetry: Spring 2019 | Pulp Fiction "Asturias"

Interview: Spring 2019 | Train: a poetry journal "An Interview with Alison Braid"


Poetry: Spring 2019 | Train: a poetry journal "Letter to K. from Žižkov"


Poetry: Spring 2019 | The Maynard "Orography"


Prose: Winter 2019 | Barren Magazine "A Portrait"


Poetry: Summer 2018 | Bad Nudes "Cíes Island"

Poetry: Spring 2018 | SAD Mag  "Sports Poem"

Poetry: Fall 2017 | Prairie Fire  "January: Ruská 48, Vršovice," "Letter to Anne from Kitsilano"

Poetry: Spring 2017 | The Puritan  "November: Ruská 48, Vršovice"

Poetry: Spring 2017 | Room Magazine  "Poem for C.," "[Untitled]"

Nonfiction: Spring 2017 | MONTECRISTO Magazine  "The Czech Republic's Oldest Tree"

Poetry: Spring 2017 | Contemporary Verse 2  "Heroldovy Sady," "Steppe"

Poetry: Fall 2016 | Poetry Is Dead  "Poem Written with Rohrer, With Issa"

Poetry: Spring 2015 | The Maynard  "On Some Good Days," "There's So Much to Tell You"

Interview: Spring 2015 | PRISM international  "The Everyday Spaces of Life: An Interview with Wanda Praamsma,"


Interview: Winter 2015 | PRISM international  "An Interview with Laisha Rosnau,"


Interview: Winter 2015 | PRISM international  "An Interview with Eliza Robertson"

Column: Winter 2013 | Discorder Magazine  "Textually Active: NaNoWriMo"

Column: Fall 2013 | Discorder Magazine  "Textually Active: Canzine West"